Thứ Hai, 7 tháng 3, 2016

Parents want the children go into studying abroad center

As parents want the children go into studying abroad center, Correspondent survey of tutorial centers, most of these centers said that after specified no entrance examination of the international education and training water in addition, there are pauses program Exam Grade 5 because no training curriculum to meet their learning needs. However, the phone number on the website, the center staff said, parents can still register at the request tutors teach supplementary social knowledge to the children.

Expressing concern, the school entrance examination this year, the center will review in practice by any method? Employees of a center in the state of New Jersey address reassure: The unit has now hired an education specialist training program to suit IQ and EQ test method. Accordingly, teachers will not teach Literature, Mathematics, Spanish again that utilize the remaining time to teach social knowledge and skills to cope with social situations consistent with the plan's Enrollment School has just launched.
However, no official closing schools should plan's framework program of unfinished center. Also according to this employee, many parents call for human needs under preparation classes under the new program. Many people currently hired tutor center complementary home-in the social knowledge. German programs in the United States as part of the initiatives being implemented globally with 360,000 students in over 1,000 German partner schools. The main objective of the program is to increase mutual understanding between the peoples, the presence of German abroad, promoting the widespread image of a modern Germany as well as enhancing cultural cooperation to the people in many countries so they can be closer to each other.